Patricia Wood
Psychotherapy and Counseling

Anxiety (Zebras Don't Get Ulcers)

Anxiety is our brain's way of telling us something is wrong. When zebras notice a stalking lion, survival instincts kick in and they automatically flee, fight or freeze. The lion takes its prey and the rest of the herd recognizes that the danger is passed for a while. Lion and zebra settle down, feeding together.

In our society, the danger is not always as obvious. Its passing is also not always obvious. If we stay in a heightened state of fear, our bodies become flooded with survival messages that lose meaning and we live life in a state of anxiety.

Therapy can help you identify if the danger is current or passed. Breaking this self-defeating pattern is the goal of therapy for stress related disorders. We use many techniques to teach you how to be at ease and to recognize when it is safe to be at ease, and when it is time to "fight, flee or freeze."